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I had a problem with acne.  I would constantly have breakouts.  After being on the program a few months my skin started to clear up.  My skin has never looked better.*

-J.W., Male 17 yrs old

I had pimples on my face that has started to improve.*

-A.C., Female 25 yrs old

Before I came to see Dr. Sergi I had a lot of acne scars and hyperpigmentation. The acne would sometimes clear up but would produce acne scars. I was in a constant cycle of acne, then acne clearing up then acne scars. Now I rarely get acne. If I do get acne, it’s just one or two pimples which clear up in a few days. Also my acne scars are 70% improved… Yeah!*

-D.K., 43 year old female


I was on Singular since I was two years old to control my asthma.  Now at the age of 18 after being on a nutritional program for that was designed just me for a year, I was able to come off of my asthma medication finally.  I feel great.*

-D.W., Male 18 yrs old

I used to be able to run and exercise. I was always an active person. I was able to do anything I wanted physically. I was involved in 9/11 and since then I have never been the same. Now I am unable to exercise or even consider running or being physically active. Since 9/11 I have developed asthma. Asthma is so severe that I need to be hospitalized at least one time a month because I literally cannot breath. I was so lethargic and tired that I had difficulty performing everyday activities. I had body aches, heaviness in my chest, mucus in my throat and lungs constantly. Now, only 6 weeks under Dr. Sergi’s nutrition program, my asthma attacks are less frequent. I have energy I have not had in a long time. The heaviness in my chest and the mucus is almost gone. Though I still have the body aches, I am so thrilled, excited and hopeful that I can be helped. I had lost hope that I would not get better and live on drugs for the rest of my life. I cannot wait for the day that I can exercise and be physically active again. I am so grateful.*    

-D.M., 60 year old female

Constipation and Abdominal Pain

I was dealing with constipation.  Now after two weeks on the program I am having regular bowel movements.*

-F.G., 33 yrs old

Before being checked by Dr. Sergi and Mrs. Pook, I was in abdominal pain after every trip to the bathroom. I would have to urinate every 5-10 min. Just after 2 days on Dr. Sergi’s program, the urge to use the bathroom disappeared as well as the pain I was having after urination. I am so relieved and thankful to Dr. Sergi for giving me an alternative to heal my body. Thank you!*

-S.R., 23 year old female

Postpartum Depression

Dr. Sergi has been like an angel in a human body! She has brought me back to life with unbelievable approach to healing.  I began Nutritional Response Testing because I experienced Post Partum Depression.  Thank God for Dr. Sergi being a part of my life.  She has given back so much to me.  I can function and enjoy life.  My condition has been taken care of tremendously.*

-L.C., Female 42 yrs old


I was depressed, sluggish and irritable. Everything was too much effort and overwhelming.  I also had difficulty leaving the apartment before 11:00 AM because I had no energy and difficulty sleeping.  I now feel greater.  I feel more energetic and at least a decade younger.  I am more balanced.  I have a happy more upbeat mood.*

-J.H., Female 28 yrs old

My medications made me have horrible ups and downs with depression.  My depression has almost completely gone away.*

-D.M., Female 57 yrs old


I was experiencing tingling and pain in my thumbs.  I had lower back pain and pain in my joints.  The pain in my thumbs, back and joints has gone away and the tingling has stopped.*

-D.M., Female 57 yrs old

Food Sensitivity

I had a lot of bloating and other digestive issues.  I was really reacting badly to milk.   All these symptoms are 50%-70% better and I feel great.  I started to take my supplements and things changed dramatically.  My bloating went down.  I lost some weight and I have been able to enjoy dairy products again.*

-G.M., Male 32 yrs old

Hair Loss

My hairline was receding and I was only sixteen scared me.  It’s been a few months since I started my Nutritional Response Testing Program and I see a big difference.  My hairline has started to grow back.  Dr. Sergi found that my hair loss was linked to an underlying sub-clinical thyroid problem.*

-J.W., Male 17 yrs old

My hair was falling out all over sink, floor and drain. Since seeing Dr. Sergi, noticing considerably less hair loss in first week, almost none.*

-A.M., 59 year old female

High Blood Pressure

After a 2-5 mile run I was typically completely spent. Even though I was very active my blood pressure was generally high.  Now after a 5 mile run I still have the capacity to go further and my blood pressure is normal.*

-R.G., Male 33 years old

Hormonal Imbalance

I had heavy menstrual bleeding and cramps from four large fibroid tumors.  My menstrual cycle was erratic in that it would arrive between 25-33 days.  I no longer have heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycle.  I no longer have any cramps during my menstrual cycle, which now arrives every 28 days like clockwork.  My hormones are no longer imbalanced!*

-R.M., Female 51 yrs old

Hot Flashes

I was dealing with hot flashes which are now much improved.*

-J.E., Female 56 yrs old

Natural Weight Loss

It was frustrating for me.  I couldn’t seem to control my weight.  I have maintained a 20 lbs weight loss for 3 ½ years.  It’s pretty simple to establish a healthy and satisfying diet thanks to Dr. Sergi.*

-L.C., Female 61 yrs old

My energy has increased and I dropped a dress size.  Overall I am feeling better.*

-L.R., Female 55 yrs old

My weight has always been a problem. I have tried almost every diet and lost some weight but always gained it back. My eating had not truly changed. I am a fairly new patient and after 2.5 weeks on the program I lost 10 lbs. I am very satisfied with the program and do not find myself hungry or looking for extras.*

-L.C., 76 year old female


I had Psoriasis for the last 30 years.  I’ve tried everything from diet changes to lotions and shampoos.  Nothing worked!  Within 3 months of starting my nutritional program my Psoriasis disappeared.*  

-D.S., Female 48 yrs old

Lower Back Pain

I was experiencing pain in my lower back.  Due to the pain I could no longer concentrate or focus.  Now I no longer have back pain.  My focus and concentration have increased.*

-D.M., Female 57 yrs old


I was suffering from Sciatica.  Since I was in pain, I was unable to sleep.  My pain has decreased.  My energy has increased since I am now able to sleep at night.*

-M.B., Female 25yrs old

Blurred Vision

I had severe blurred vision. I thought that my blurry vision would never get better. I have been coming to see Dr. Sergi for about one month and I have seen an improvement in my vision. I feel hopeful that one day my vision will be 100% clear. I have started to make better food choices for myself and my family as well.*

-ML, 37 year old male


I was not sleeping well, had headaches, felt unenergized. Since seeing Dr. Sergi, I sleep very well, I watch what I eat, and have no headaches. I also take supplements to help me improve.*

-M.L., 37 year old male

Cysts and Warts

I was in agony due to cysts and warts on the bottom of foot. I was given wheat germ oil pearls and after just one application, I felt better. Now it is back to normal – my foot that is. Dr. Sergi is a wonderful person, caring, considerate, knowledgeable, intelligent, and a great healer.*

-S.B., 54 year old female


It was very difficult to lose weight. Whenever I was under stress, I would have an insatiable hunger. I would feel tired all the time and would be missing the mental acuity I needed for my high stressed job. Now that Dr. Sergi has been treating my thyroid, my appetite had decreases drastically. Fat has been melting off at around 2 pounds a week. My energy and my mental acuity have improved tremendously. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Sergi for the amazing change and improvements that I have been yearning for.*

-J.H., 29 year old female
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