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Whole Food Supplements Brooklyn NY - Dr. Donna Sergi Holistic Chiropractor

"Supplements derived from whole foods is like eating vegetables you normally wouldn't consume in a day, nor would you be likely to consume the exact amount your body needs. They are really quite amazing!"

-Dr. Donna Sergi
Brooklyn Chiropractor

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Standard Process Whole Food Supplements in Brooklyn NY 11223

This video from Standard Process will explain how Americans have become less healthy from lack of exercise and improper diet. Even foods we think are good for us may not be healthy. This video will explore the manufacturing process of food from the viewpoint of nutritional values your body needs to stay healthy and live longer.

Why Whole Foods?

Learn how to be proactive in improving your overall health by making smarter adjustments to your diet, getting regular exercise, and adding whole food nutritional supplements to your diet.
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As one of the leading Nutrition Response Testing Practitioners in the country, I can help you discover hidden chemical imbalances in your body that are causing pain, discomfort, and organ malfunction. Once identified, these illnesses are treated naturally with diet modification and whole food supplements, if needed.

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