Upcoming Events - Dr. Donna Sergi Brooklyn Chiropractor

Upcoming Events - Dr. Donna Sergi Brooklyn Chiropractor - Educational Events at HealthierU in Brooklyn NY 11223

Educational Events at HealthierU in Brooklyn NY 11223

Please join Dr. Donna Sergi for these important upcoming events. If you have any questions about any any of these events, please use our contact form or call us at (718) 375-4355. We would be very happy to help you! You are also invited to join our monthly newsletter and get email alerts of upcoming events. These workshops are held at our office.
June 2017

Am I Healthy?
Saturday June 3rd @ 1:30 PM

ABC’s of Eating Right

Wednesday  June 7th @ 7 PM

Learn What Your Hair & Skin Tell About
Your Nutritional and Organ Health

Saturday June 17th @ 1:30 PM

Are your nails weak, have white spots or ridges on them or slow to grow?
Does your hair break, fall out or lost its luster?
Is your skin dry or have rashes or bumps on it?
Learn how all these symptoms are connected.

Wednesday June 21st @ 7 PM

July 2017

ABC’s of Eating Right
Saturday July 15th @ 1:30 PM

Am I Healthy?
Wednesday July 19 @ 7 PM

Eating on The Go
How to Prepare a Meal in 10 Minutes or Less

Wednesday July 26th @ 7 PM

What is the Difference Between a Smoothie and Juicing?
Saturday July 29th @ 1:30 PM

Please Call (718) 375-4355 to Reserve Your Seat
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