Menopause Remedies Brooklyn NY - Dr. Donna Sergi Holistic Chiropractor

Menopause Remedies Brooklyn NY - Dr. Donna Sergi Holistic Chiropractor
"Menopause is something that all women will go through. Whether you are premenopausal or you are currently in the midst of menopause, there is something that can be done about it. My natural menopause remedies are designed to treat you as an individual."
-Dr. Donna Sergi
Brooklyn Chiropractor

Natural Remedy for Menopause in Brooklyn NY 11223

I am Dr. Sergi and I’ve been helping many women with their menopause symptoms using a holistic approach for a number of years. By looking at the body as a whole and not just at the symptoms, I am able to provide you with the relief of many symptoms that you may be experiencing.

The holistic approach using natural menopause remedies and lifestyle changes have been used for many years. Through the use of Nutrition Response Testing, I am able to find the cause of your menopause symptoms. I am able to determine which organs are not functioning properly. With that knowledge I can provide you with a natural menopause remedy program that can help you get back to the life that you had prior to experiencing any or the menopausal symptoms that you are dealing with now.
Natural Remedy for Menopause in Brooklyn NY 11223

Finding Your Natural Menopause Remedy

Menopause is something that is going to happen and you can’t stop it. What you can stop are the symptoms that are controlling your life. I have had a significant amount of success using a natural menopause remedy program on women of all ages. By using a holistic approach and getting to the cause of your menopause we are able to either get you to a higher level of relief or totally eliminate your symptoms, all without the side effects of medications.

After starting your custom designed program to correct the cause of your problem, you may not even be aware that you are going through menopause. This is my goal with all patients, and I have a long history of success in helping women naturally overcome the symptoms of menopause.
Common Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause affects women in a variety of different ways. There are three stages of menopause, including premenopause (perimenopause), menopause, and postmenopause. Depending upon the stage you are in, you may be experiencing any number of symptoms – and it may be affecting the way you are able to go through your everyday activities.

A natural menopause remedy program can be provided to you, but first it’s important to identify all of the symptoms you are dealing with. Common symptoms of menopause can include:
  • Hot flashes
  • Irregular periods
  • Night sweats
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Irritability
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Increased anxiety
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • Difficulty concentrating
Once you identify the symptoms you are exhibiting, I will be able to provide you with relief or totally eliminate your symptoms allowing you to take your life back.

Causes of Menopause

A variety of causes exist for menopause. One of the first and the most common is natural menopause. This is the natural cycle where a woman reaches the end of her menstruation permanently. It is not brought on my any medical treatment – it simply happens naturally. This is where the three stages of menopause come in.

Not all women go through menopause naturally. There is what’s known as induced menopause, which affects a number of women every year. Surgery as well as medical treatments can induce menopause. When a woman has her ovaries removed, it can result in surgical menopause. The surgery is known as bilateral oophorectomy, which is commonly used to avoid the spread of certain cancers. It can also be part of a hysterectomy. When these surgeries are done, it can lead to more severe menopausal symptoms- and a natural menopause remedy program that might include, whole food supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes can ensure that you are able to obtain relief.

There are also medical treatments that can induce menopause. These are often as a result of treating cancer as well – including chemotherapy and pelvic radiation therapy. It is because there is damage to the ovaries. In premenopausal women, the procedures do not guarantee induced menopause and it may only be a temporary induction, which means that natural menopause remedies can be used until the ovaries are healed and the menopausal symptoms go away on their own.

Understanding the cause of menopause is crucial when providing you with a remedy. I want to know if this is something that has happened naturally or if medicine has had something to do with why you are going through menopause.

Free Consultation for Natural Menopause Remedy

A free consultation is available so that I can learn more about your menopausal symptoms.  I want to know more about you and what is going on with your body. As I learn more about your past and current health as well as your symptoms, I can pinpoint areas that need to be addressed, allowing you to obtain relief quickly.

During the consultation, I will explain how by using a holistic approach can get to the cause of your menopause. I will then use a safe and effective technique, Nutrition Response Testing.  This technique allows me to test each organ, gland, tissue and muscle of the body to find the underlying cause of your menopause symptoms. Once we determine which area(s) is the cause of your symptoms, a custom designed natural menopause remedy program is created for you.
Contact Dr. Donna Sergi, Brooklyn Chiropractor

Contact Brooklyn Chiropractor Dr. Donna Sergi for a Free Consultation on Natural Menopause Remedies

As one of the leading Nutrition Response Testing Practitioners in the country, I can help you discover hidden chemical imbalances in your body that are causing pain, discomfort, and organ malfunction. Once identified, these illnesses are treated naturally with diet modification and whole food supplements, if needed.

Each person is different and unique, thus I develop a program individually for you and only you. When you schedule a consultation with me, I can go over natural menopause remedies and programs that I have available.

Please contact me for a free consultation!

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