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High Blood Pressure Remedies Brooklyn NY - Dr. Donna Sergi Holistic Chiropractor

High Blood Pressure Remedies Brooklyn NY - Dr. Donna Sergi Holistic Chiropractor
"This picture might be what is causing your high blood pressure.  There are many causes of high blood pressure.  I have great success lowering high blood pressure by using a natural, safe and effective approach in finding the underlying cause and custom designing a program just for you."
-Dr. Donna Sergi
Brooklyn Chiropractor

Natural Remedy for High Blood Pressure in Brooklyn NY 11223

Have you been looking for a way to lower blood pressure naturally? It is entirely possible, for you to gain a higher level of health without taking a variety of prescription drugs. I’m Dr. Sergi and I offer a holistic and natural approach to increasing your health as a way to lower your blood pressure. By lowering your blood pressure you minimize your risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and various other health problems.

Finding Your Natural High Blood Pressure Remedy

The holistic and natural approach that I use is called Nutrition Response Testing.  Nutrition Response Testing is a technique that allows me to find the underlying cause of your high blood pressure. Your high blood pressure is a way your body is communicating that something is not functioning correctly or is not balanced.  There might many causes to your high blood pressure.

Once I find the underlying cause of your high blood pressure, I can provide you with a natural high blood pressure remedy program. I have a proven track record of being able to help patients of both genders and variety of ages.
When you come into my office in order to determine the cause or your high blood pressure, I will ask you questions about your past and current health history. I will perform a computerized test that will determine your current level of health. I will then utilize a noninvasive technique called, Nutrition Response Testing. This technique will assess all your organs, glands, tissues and muscles. From this assessment I can determine which areas are in need of help.

I then develop an individualized custom designed health improvement program that might include natural high blood pressure remedies, dietary and lifestyle recommendations.  The goal is to get to the cause of your high blood pressure and fix it once and for all.  We will accomplish this in a natural, safe and effective way.

Common Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

There are not many symptoms involved with high blood pressure, which is why it can lead to being problematic for people. It can result in a heart attack or stroke without a person having any idea that something was wrong ahead of time. By finding the underlying cause of your high blood pressure and correcting it with your own custom designed natural high blood pressure remedy program, you can reduce these kinds of problems from happening in the future. Some symptoms that you may experience with high blood pressure can include:
  • Dull headaches
  • Dizzy spells
  • Nosebleeds
It’s a good idea to have your blood pressure tested periodically as you get older. It is recommended that you have your blood pressure tested at least every two years beginning at the age of 18. With blood pressure machines found at pharmacies and grocery stores in today’s world, you really have no excuse not to have your blood pressure tested frequently. The numbers that you get will be compared to a “normal” scale and let you know whether you are in the danger zone or not.

Common Causes of High Blood Pressure

Some of the more common causes include medications that you may be taking including pain relievers, decongestants, prescriptions and even birth control pills.

These medications that you think are helping you can actually work against you. While you may not be able to stop all of these medications right away, it’s important to find out what they are doing to you in terms of side effects – as it may be the key to lowering your high blood pressure without a lot of changes. High blood pressure can often be due to underlying health problems, too. This is why the holistic approach is so important. High blood pressure can be due to such things as kidney problems, adrenal gland tumors and even defects within the blood vessels.

Free Consultation to Naturally Lower High Blood Pressure

In my 20 years of practice, I have had a significant amount of success with patients who have suffered from high blood pressure and many have been able to avoid going on medication or even getting off medication per their physician’s recommendations.

You deserve to live a long and healthy life.  We can work together to make sure that happens.  Your first step is to come in for a free consultation so that I can determine the underlying cause of your high blood pressure.  Once I find the cause I can develop a natural high blood pressure remedy program for you.  This might include whole food supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes.
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As one of the leading Nutrition Response Testing Practitioners in the country, I can help you discover hidden chemical imbalances in your body that are causing pain, discomfort, and organ malfunction. Once identified, these illnesses are treated naturally with diet modification and whole food supplements, if needed.

A natural and holistic approach is the key to being able to increase your overall health and thus reduce your blood pressure.  It is important for you to get the help that you need to lower your blood pressure as it will reduce your risks for various diseases later in life as well as enjoy the lifestyle that you want and deserve.

Please contact me for a free consultation!

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