Chiropractic Adjustments Brooklyn NY - Dr. Donna Sergi Chiropractor

Chiropractic Adjustments Brooklyn NY - Dr. Donna Sergi Chiropractor
"When your back isn’t aligned properly it can cause pain and a host of other issues throughout your body.  My chiropractic treatment is customized to your needs so that you can become pain-free and also prevent future damage."

-Dr. Donna Sergi
Brooklyn Chiropractor

Chiropractic Adjustment in Brooklyn NY 11223

If you have ever experienced back pain, back discomfort or mobility issues, you are probably keenly aware of a few things.  First, the pain and misery that can go along with back problems can be indescribable with mere words. Secondly, you know that true and effective chiropractic treatment can mean the difference between really living life and not.

I am Dr. Donna Sergi, and I am your premier, New York chiropractic doctor and holistic healthcare specialist with almost 20 years of experience.  If all else has failed, come see me, I can make an immediate difference in your life.

Why You May Need A Chiropractic Adjustment

Did you know that the chiropractic profession is the most regulated and recognized CAM, or complimentary alternative medicine? Did you also know that as of last check, chiropractic care was regularly utilized by almost 8% of the U.S. population? This represents numbers higher than yoga, massage, acupuncture, and diet-based therapy.

Such facts attest to the nature of our backs.  Your back is one of your most important pieces of anatomical hardware, maintaining the structure and flexibility of the entire body. When our backs suffer problems, we suffer. With this being such an integral part of the body, there is simply no way around this, take it from a chiropractic doctor that knows.

Back Composition

As so heartily dubbed, our “backs” are everything. At the center of this complex apparatus is the spinal column. The spine performs several key functions. Among these is the purpose of being flexible, yet strong support. In performing this job, the spine is made of individual discs, held together by special soft materials and fluids. In addition, the spine is a necessary information carrier. Along its length nerves carry messages throughout our bodies.

Misaligned and Disaligned

Having discussed the intended layout and function of the spine, we move on to the why’s and how’s of back problems; Why is a chiropractic adjustment such an integral part of human health and well-being? The shortened explanation for many back problems is that many of the parts in your spine can become misaligned. In some instances, you may be able to identify an exact, problem-causing event that did it. In many other cases however, the issue can often be born over time and innocuously, without notice.

Sports and the activities of an active lifestyle can create misalignments. A slide into home-plate can cause the pelvis to overturn, misaligning it and the back. A fluke football tackle can lead to a rib displacement, which in turn causes shifting in other areas. Even a strain in another muscle group can incite the spread of inflammation and distress throughout other areas, including the neck, shoulders, and back. These are some of the things I see bringing patients in seeking immediate relief through my chiropractic treatments.

Other chiropractic adjustment seekers are seen because of two other ironically clashing causes: sitting and lifting. Too much sitting, especially when done incorrectly, can cause a myriad of back problems. On the other hand, and at the other end of the spectrum, improper and overlifting can do major damage as well. These are just a few more examples of the versatility in which this crucial part of our bodies can be brought to a point of needing some real attention.

My Adjustments

I know that you will feel a remarkable difference with my care of holistic based, chiropractic adjustments. After consulting with you and coming to understand your specific needs, body type, back issues, and so on, I create a custom plan. From here, I am armed with all I need, and ready to carry out treatment.
Chiropractic Adjustment in Brooklyn NY 11223

Chronic Back Relief With Chiropractic Adjustments

Expect your treatment to be either very simple and straight-forward, or slightly more dual-pronged, dependent on your condition. Some cases simply call for a neck, upper, and lower, classic adjustment. On the other hand, others may require this coupled with, a very specific spinal stretching and strengthening program custom designed to suite your needs. Whatever the course required, you can be sure that your path to relief is specific to you, not just some cookie-cutter, one-patient-fits-all approach.
After our time together, you should feel much better. If your condition is serious, many sessions may be required in order to bring about the desired outcome. Sometimes, this can be accomplished in a single, chiropractic treatment session. But no matter what shape you are in when you come see me, you should leave better.

Many of my clients describe a tremendous weightless feeling, a feeling of freedom after their sessions. This feeling is due to the back being fully restored to its correct alignment. We then feel lighter and less fatigued in carrying our own weight and supporting our many motions. Such is the power of effective, chiropractic treatment.

Some might query as to the results of disregarding their back problems. I can’t stress enough: failure to act just makes things worse. When your back is out of alignment or has other related issues, the rest of your body can quickly experience the “domino effect”, seeing problems come about in different areas. In addition, not seeking chiropractic treatments can result in much more severe and lasting issues within the back itself.
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