Asthma Remedies Brooklyn NY - Dr. Donna Sergi Holistic Chiropractor

Asthma Remedies Brooklyn NY - Dr. Donna Sergi Holistic Chiropractor
"I have helped many asthma sufferers get the relief they need through a holistic approach."

-Dr. Donna Sergi
Brooklyn Chiropractor

Natural Remedies for Chronic Asthma in Brooklyn NY 11223

Have you been suffering from asthma? Whether you get the asthmatic symptoms periodically or it is a regular occurrence from day to day, there is a natural asthma remedy available to you. You shouldn’t have to go through each day being uncomfortable. After all, you deserve to be able to breathe in and breathe out comfortably throughout the day, regardless of whether you are sick, dealing with allergies or anything else.

Finding a holistic approach is critical because it will treat your entire body. Often, doctors will try to solve the problem of the asthma without trying to solve any of the other things going on within the body. This is essentially putting a Band-Aid over a larger problem.

It may provide you with some relief, but it’s not going to provide you with as much as it could. This means you need to work with a doctor that understands asthma and can provide you with a holistic approach.
Finding Your Natural Asthma Remedy

Finding Your Natural Asthma Remedy

I’m Dr. Donna Sergi, DC. It has been my experience that asthma is due to one or more causes. By understanding these causes, I’m able to provide a natural asthma remedy for you – getting rid of those symptoms once and for all.

It’s important to know about the symptoms of asthma so you can begin seeking natural asthma relief. Whether you have had these symptoms for years or they have recently developed, it’s critical to understand that it can be due to asthma and that relief is available to you.
Common Symptoms of Asthma

Go down the list of symptoms and check off which ones you have been experiencing as it will help to ensure you get the appropriate remedy when you come in for your consultation.Common symptoms include:
  • Pain or tightness in chest
  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Whistling sound upon exhalation
  • Trouble sleeping because of breathing
Do any of these symptoms ring true to what you have been dealing with? There’s no need to continue dealing with these symptoms day in and day out. Relief is available through a variety of holistic treatments.

It can be helpful to keep a log of when these symptoms occur. If there is a certain part of the day where the symptoms get worse or after doing a particular activity, you will want to write this down. The more you are able to provide when meeting one-on-one, the easier it will be to provide you with the desired results.

Common Causes of Asthma

Asthma can be caused by a variety of different things. By learning about the different causes, you can begin to treat the underlying problem with natural asthma remedies. For example, if you are dealing with a respiratory infection or GERD (reflux disease) and this is causing your asthma, these issues must first be treated.

Other common causes of asthma include airborne allergens. This can include pet dander, pollen, mold and even pests such as cockroaches and dust mites. Air pollutants including smoke can also lead to asthmatic symptoms. Other causes may be cold air, physical activity and allergic reactions. Some women will also experience asthma as part of their menstrual cycle. Even the medications you take can cause asthma, including aspirin, ibuprofen and other beta blockers. This means that something you are consuming to rid yourself of one problem is causing another problem – likely a more uncomfortable problem than what you were previously dealing with.

The asthma that you are experiencing may be caused by one or more different things. The best way to figure out what is causing the asthma is by being conscientious of everything you are exposed to. You can also do various things around the house to help yourself – such as changing the air filter on you’re A/C more frequently and using a HEPA filter on your vacuum if you have pets.

Each of the different causes will result in a different approach to provide you with natural asthma relief, so it’s important to identify the trigger before trying to provide you with any kind of relief. This step is often forgotten, which is why a holistic approach is often the preferred method. Without knowing the trigger, it’s almost impossible to figure out which approach to take – and this can lead to a lot of different medicines and inhalers before the right one is found. There’s an easier way to treat asthma and I will show you how.

Free Consultation for Natural Asthma Relief

When you are looking for natural asthma remedies, it’s important to go to the right doctor. When you visit me in Brooklyn, I will be able to provide you with a free consultation and help you to overcome any breathing problems that you have been experiencing. Nutrition Response Testing can be done as this will help to make adjustments within your diet and introduce advanced nutritional supplements within your diet. Many clients have seen notable improvements by changing what they eat in order to obtain relief from their asthma symptoms. The same may be the case for you and we can explore the possibilities together during the free consultation.

Contact Dr. Donna Sergi, Brooklyn Chiropractor

Contact Brooklyn Chiropractor Dr. Donna Sergi for a Free Consultation for Natural Asthma Remedies

As one of the leading Nutrition Response Testing Practitioners in the country, I can help you discover hidden chemical imbalances in your body that are causing pain, discomfort, and organ malfunction. Once identified, these illnesses are treated naturally with diet modification and whole food supplements, if needed.

You don’t have to live with asthma for the rest of your life. When you experience trouble breathing and the wheezing and coughing associated with asthma, there is relief. There is always relief and it doesn’t involve using an inhaler. Contact me today and allow me to show you the holistic approach with asthma to ensure you finally get the relief you are looking for.

Please contact me for a free consultation!

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