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Acne Remedies Brooklyn NY Dr. Donna Sergi Holistic Chiropractor
"I have a long history of success helping people overcome severe and chronic acne. Nutrition Response Testing is a noninvasive treatment that allows me to find the unique chemical imbalances causing your acne, and with diet modification and potentially whole food supplements, I can help you overcome acne forever." 

-Dr. Donna Sergi
Brooklyn Chiropractor

Natural Remedies for Chronic Acne in Brooklyn NY 11223

Having any skin condition can present any number of difficulties for the sufferer. In the entire book of skin ailments, acne is certainly one of the most stigmatizing and difficult to deal with, yet all-too-common issue, literally experienced by the masses. Redness, blackheads, whiteheads, pain, embarrassment – these are the constant dealings of the typical, everyday acne sufferer.

You have somewhere to go, but wait, you’re inexplicably having the breakout of a lifetime. For men, options are quite limited. Manly cover-ups frankly just don’t quite exist yet. For women, if they like using makeup, they can spend the time and constant money covering and playing the subsequent “Can People Tell” Game. Others have been even more imaginative in their efforts to disguise the skin problem that really isn’t their fault in the first place.

My name is Dr. Donna Sergi, DC, and I have a lifetime of experience helping others with natural acne remedies.  I am happy you have come by my website, and are seeking information. You are in the right place and can now rightfully and fully allow yourself to become enthused. I can and will help you, and I truly know how life with acne can be.

My years of experience have taught me that not all man-made answers to medicinal questions are able to provide 100% true solution. I have come to believe that nature has the answer to all of our physiological problems. I am proud to be one of Brooklyn's most sought after holistic practitioners, and someone who can help people find natural remedies for getting rid of acne...once and for all!

Finding Your Personal Acne Remedy

One of the most common questions I am asked is with regard to differentiating between those who get acne and those who don’t. Why do some people get acne while others seem to always be completely acne-free? In answering this question from my point of view in and of natural acne remedies, I have to point to and concur with today’s so-far scientific findings.

Unfortunately, science is only halfway there in finding conclusive answers. But we do know that genetics probably has something to do with acne, and environmental factors may also have some sort of effect.
Beyond these “probably’s and maybe’s” we know for certain that hormones do play a key role in there being a presence of acne. We have also come to find that diet also plays a role. In addition, science has also conclusively fingered certain medications as having an immediate effect on acne formation. My own personal work with natural acne remedies also brings me to concurrence.

Common Causes of Severe and Chronic Acne

So what exactly are the main causes of acne or a wonderful lack thereof? Again, we know that hormones, dietary choices, and certain medications are known instigators of acne. But at deeper glimpse, these are only instigators; things that setup ideal conditions for the following to occur. Acne is nothing more than an unhealthy combination of dead skin cells, oil, or sebum, and bacteria.

When these three components are together in harmony, pores get clogged, and acne is the simple result. Perhaps your skin is naturally perfect for this terrible trio. Maybe it needs prompting by certain medications or dietary trends to achieve the right conditions for the three. Your skin determines all of this.

Other causes of acne are certainly environmental at the core. Maybe you have just the right dead skin cells and oil, but not the bacteria factor. If you touch your face with unclean hands, now you have it, It’s just that simple. And who can honestly say they never, ever touch their face in some way – by hand, tissue paper, shirt sleeve?

There are two valuable points here. First, if you struggle with acne, realize how amazingly simple it is to introduce that little bit of bacteria, not follow the “perfect” diet, and so on. Even if you did, you cannot completely control all of the factors at work; in other words, you shouldn’t feel bad or at fault. The second point is that although it can be nearly impossible to control each and every contributor to this particular problem, we do have a great degree of control, and absolutely can make a difference when our available control over certain contributing factors is properly exercised.

Free Consultation for an Acne Remedy

I will be more than glad to help should you ever need my attention with your acne issue. In practice for many years, I know how much of a difference the natural acne remedy approach can make in even the very worst acne cases. I also know how detrimental acne can be to our own self-image, confidence, and ability to fundamentally feel good about ourselves.

Your body has a way of trying to tell you what is wrong with it. I use an advanced technique called Nutrition Response Testing, which to the trained practitioner, tells me how to create a personalized acne remedy, just for your body. It is quite an amazing diagnostic tool.
Contact Dr. Donna Sergi, Brooklyn Chiropractor

Contact Dr. Donna Sergi for a Free Consultation for Natural Acne Remedies

As one of the leading Nutrition Response Testing Practitioners in the country, I can help you discover hidden chemical imbalances in your body that are causing pain, discomfort, and organ malfunction. Once identified, these illnesses are treated naturally with diet modification and whole food supplements, if needed.

If you are beginning to experience acne or are fed-up with other popular treatment methods not working as promised, you are not alone. I offer a free consultation to personally review the health of your skin and find a natural solution that helps you get the results you want.

Please contact me for a free consultation!

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