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Herniated Disc Treatments Brooklyn NY - Dr. Donna Sergi Chiropractor

Herniated Disc Treatments Brooklyn NY
"Chiropractic care for herniated disc pain relief is an effective and natural treatment that should be considered before surgery, and excessive medication. I have a long and successful history in helping people just like you overcome disc herniations. Please contact me for a free consultation."
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Chiropractic Treatment of Herniated Disc in Brooklyn NY 11223

The other name for a herniated disc is slipped disc. Although the name appears to suggest there is actual “slipping” taking place, it is not what happens. A slip is said to have occurred when the disc ruptures. The puncturing causes gel-like fluid to leak. This liquid works as a shock absorber, enhancing the mobility of the spine. Bulging or herniated discs can be very painful. However, at times, people only discover they have one when it shows up in an MRI or some other spinal image.

A herniated disc can occur anywhere within your spine. However, most usually appear at the lumbar spine (lower back). A slipped disc can also arise in the cervical spine (neck) and the thoracic spine (upper back), but the latter is less likely to happen. The pain you will experience will depend on the location of the slipped disc. If it affects the lower back, you are likely to experience pain in your lower back and leg. If it affects your neck, you will feel the pain in your neck and so on.

Although herniated discs can cause you a lot of pain, they are rarely a medical emergency. If you manage to get chiropractic treatment immediately, you could protect your spinal cord from permanent damage and eliminate the pain. During treatments for herniated discs, you may have to limit your regular activities and participate in exercises that improve the strength and flexibility in your back. You may also want to engage in various core-strengthening exercises that help in conditioning your spine which helps to stabilize it.
Chiropractic Treatment of Herniated Disc Brooklyn NY

Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

  • Pain extending to the arms and legs
  • Pain and numbness experienced on one side of the body
  • Pain experienced while standing up or sitting
  • Weakness in the muscles 
  • An aching, tingling or burning sensation in the leg or buttocks
  • Decreased bowel and bladder control
  • Difficulties among men in initiating and maintaining an erection

Common Causes of a Herniated Disc

  • Incorrect or heavy lifting - Lifting heavy objects can put a lot of strain on your lower back thus causing the disc to slip.
  • Excess body weight – If you are overweight, your discs will undergo a lot of strain since they have to support that extra weight. It is likely to increase the risk of the discs slipping.
  • Old age – As you advance in age, the discs in your spine start losing their protective moisture. It accelerates their wear and tear and increases the risk of slipping.
  • Injury – An injury is less likely to cause a disk slip, but it does happen. Injuries can occur during athletic activities.
Chiropractic Herniated Disc Treatments

Non-chiropractic treatments for herniated discs may include resting, taking medication, getting injections or undergoing surgery. All these procedures should be your last resort. Chiropractic care provides you with an option that is noninvasive and non-surgical. The following are various herniated discs treatments that you are likely to encounter.
  • Flexion-distraction Technique - The technique is used to treat herniated discs symptoms. The treatment involves the use of a specialized table that assists in stretching your spine, allowing the chiropractor to reach the affected areas as he/she uses a pumping rhythm to “flex” the spine. The procedure is not painful.
  • Chiropractic Adjustments - Stretching and manipulating the affected areas.
  • Pelvic Blocking Techniques - The technique involves the use of cushioned wedges. They are placed under your pelvis on each side. Gentle exercises can be utilized, too. It allows for changes in the mechanics enabling your disc to move away from the nerve.
  • Nutrition Response Testing - This healing modality helps to identify any chemical imbalances that may be contributing to your body's natural healing process. 
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