Brooklyn Chiropractor Dr. Donna Sergi, HealthierU NY

Brooklyn Chiropractor Dr. Donna Sergi, HealthierU NY
"I am a leading expert in Nutrition Response Testing and holistic chiropractic care. I believe in what I do and have helped countless patients get to the root cause of their health concern and become healthier and live pain-free."
-Dr. Donna Sergi
Brooklyn Chiropractor

HealthierU Chiropractic Office in Brooklyn NY 11223

Hello, and thank you for visiting. I am Dr. Donna Sergi DC, your premier Holistic Chiropractor in Brooklyn.

As a budding Doctor of Chiropractic, I really enjoyed my daily duties of helping others and applying the passions of my childhood.  But I still found myself feeling that I could do more to attribute complete health to my patients, to be a better doctor. There had to be something more that I could provide for my patients but also an answer for those patients who were not not responding.  Enter the holistic approach to health.

Many interpret “holistic” as simply meaning “natural.” This is partially true. Holism is the ideology that something is whole and interconnected. For example, a holistic approach to a sore back considers its relation to the entire rest of the body. Seeing the body as one, synchronized machine allows us to see more into how different parts may affect one another, as well as a broader range of answers and the ability to provide them. Enter the holistic approach to health.

As I began to integrate more holism into my approaches, I began to really see the parallels in improved treatments and treatment response. Fast forward to present day, and here I am a leading holistic chiropractor at HealthierU in Brooklyn helping individuals get well naturally without the use of drugs or surgery. My childhood dream comes true, helping others with a holistic and natural approach to their health.
Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner Dr. Donna Sergi

Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Nutrition Response Testing is a technique to analyze a person's body in order to locate the underlying cause(s) of an individual's non-optimal health condition or pain.  Once found, I help the body correct the cause by using appropriate nutritional support and lifestyle guidance, which allows the body to heal naturally.

Every person is different, with his or her own chemical and physiological makeup. Using Nutrition Response Testing, I custom design your very own unique holistic program that gets to the cause of your problem, which is often an overlooked, key element to your health and well-being.
As a true Holistic Chiropractor who utilizes nutrition response testing as an assessment tool has allowed me to assist a tremendous amount of individuals seeking safe, effective and non-evasive healthcare.  I am one of approximately 300 doctors who are advanced certified in Nutrition Response Testing.  Therefore you can be certain that the methods we use at HealthierU are completely safe and industry leading.

I am proud to be a leading force in holistic healthcare.  HealthierU and my patients are my world; my passions fulfilled.

New Patient FAQs

What are your office hours and where would I park?

Dr. Sergi sees patients by appointment on Wednesday and Friday, from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM, and Saturday from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Convenient parking is always available. Please visit our contact page for directions.

Do we accept insurance?

No, insurance pays for symptom based care. We get to the cause of your health concern.  We have affordable programs for everyone. We accept cash, check or credit cards.

What are the techniques used at HealthierU?

At HealthierU we use a natural approach to improving your health.  Poor health exists due to the body being out of balance.  This imbalance is usually caused by improper nutrition or poor lifestyle choices. We use a very precise and scientific technique called Nutrition Response Testing to find the underlying cause of your imbalance. We can determine what nutrients are needed by your body or what changes in lifestyle you need to bring your body back to balance.

What to expect on your first visit?

The first visit takes 1½ hours. There is 20 minutes of very important paperwork that details your past and present health history. Then we perform a test that measures the health of your overall fitness and physiological age of your body. We will then discuss your main health concerns and your goals. Once we have all the information needed we will analyze your organs and body through Nutrition Response Testing. Now we have all the information needed to determine if you can be helped.  If it is determined that you can be helped, a report of the doctor’s findings will be discussed on your second visit.

How long does it take to see improvement?

Results may vary because everyone’s healing capacity is unique. Improvement in symptoms may be seen as quickly as a few days of starting a program or may take a few months.  Just because one feels improvement does not mean the cause of your problem is corrected. We want to get to the cause of your health concern not just take the symptoms away.

How long will it take to increase my health and get to the cause of my health concern?

Most people require approximately six months to one and a half years to fully regain their health. These seems like a very long time but think back and remember how long you have had your health problem.  Most people tend to forget how long they have had ill or non optimal health.

What is so unique about our program?

First we get to the cause your problem in a natural, safe and effective way.  We use supplements that are whole food concentrates from Standard Process Inc.  Whole food supplements are just as important as dietary and lifestyle changes.  This can speed recovery in ways where dietary and lifestyle changes may take a longer time to heal and recover.

What other techniques do we use to help patients?

We utilize chiropractic care as well as specific exercise programs in addition to Nutrition Response Testing. Since everyone is different we design a very unique program for each individual.  Our staff can create specially designed exercise programs for each person to use in our own fitness center.

What can Chiropractic help?

Joints in your spine can become misaligned.  This will affect your neck, mid-back or lower back.  Even your extremities could be affected.  These misalignment's could cause pain, discomfort and muscle tension.  A chiropractic adjustment can help restore these joints.  This can decrease your pain, discomfort and muscle tension.
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When you are in need of a consultation from an Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, you may go ahead and give me a call. I give a free consultation to all of my clients. Restoring your health naturally is always a good idea. Please read the testimonials that patients have written about how their health was restored naturally by getting to the underlying cause of their problem.

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